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German FUE/BIO-FUE Hair transplantation

German FUE Hair Transplantation

It is one of the most innovative and advanced form of FUE hair transplantation among the globally present technique. This technique consists of extraction of single-single follicle from DHT hormone resistant occipital area of scalp. So the surgically planted hair will grow and remain till life. In this technique we use very unique and advanced German mechanized extractor of punch size 0.8 mm -0.9 mm. So only micro wound is formed in donor area which heals very quickly and no scar remains.

German Bio –FUE Hair transplantation

this type of transplantation, we inject PRP preparation in recipient area immediately after surgery. PRP has certain growth factors which help to achieve optimum results and growth rate increases

Advantages of German FUE/ German bio FUE over other forms of FUE/ FUT:
  1. Minimal pain during initial 10 minutes when we anaesthetize the scalp.
  2. Minimal bleeding.
  3. No cutting of skin.
  4. No stitches either in donor or recipient area.
  5. No post hair transplantation scar.
  6. Healing time less, about 3-4 days only.
  7. Root survival and growth after transplantation is very high around 99% of all transplanted roots.
  8. Roots are planted in same direction with natural miniaturized roots so planted roots grow in more aesthetic way so give natural look.
  9. Hair line designed in natural aesthetic manner according to age, face shape and according to availability of donor area of patient.
  10. German FUE Technique provides better density to give the optimal natural look.
  11. Around 70-80 hair per square cm than other ordinary FUT/ FUE hair transplant.
  12. Being one of the safest mode of hair transplant, no chance any post operative complication.

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